Frequently Asked Questions


Who has estate sales?

Estate sales generally are held for the executors of the estate of someone who passed away, or someone who has moved to an assisted living facility or has significantly downsized and moved.

How long does it take to set up for a sale?

Generally, we would need about 2 to 3 weeks to prepare. We would bring in our tables and organize the home to make it easy for the customers to shop. We would take photographs of the primary items on the sale and publish them on EstateSales.NET and other media.

How long does an estate sale last?

Usually a sale lasts 2 to 3 days, perhaps longer if there is a large number of items going on the sale.

If I have a storage unit with a lot of things in it can you have a sale there?

Most all storage unit facilities do not allow sales to be held at their location. You would need to check with the owners or managers of your storage unit facility.

Can I still live in the home or leave my pet there while you prepare for the sale?

No. We have found that there would be too many distractions for us to do our job effectively.

Can I have some remodeling work done while you prepare for the sale?

No. We have found that there would be too many distractions for us to do our job effectively.

Do I throw away things that I don’t think that anyone would want?

No. One person’s trash is another’s treasure. Someone may buy the half full shampoo bottles, laundry soap, etc. We can go through the items and decide what could be sold and what should be trashed.

Do you sell fine jewelry, guns, ammunition, sterling silver flatware, coin collections, etc.?

Yes. Larry worked for Tom Fox (Fox’s and Budd’s Jewelry stores) and is familiar with fine and ‘costume’ jewelry. Larry is familiar with the laws regarding the sales of firearms in Michigan and is a coin collector as well.

Do you sell antiques, fine art, etc.?

Yes, we do. If we are not familiar with a particular item we ask the experts. No one person is an expert on everything so we find the answers.

I saw on Ebay a vintage toy truck for $100. Will you price my identical truck at $100 and will it sell?

Probably not. Just because somebody is asking for $100 does not mean that it is worth that amount. How long was that item on Ebay with that price? Is it in the same exact condition? Usually, shipping costs are extra. Do you get the exact same item advertised? How accurate are the photos? Shopping on Ebay can be helpful but not an accurate source for pricing.

Do you clean the home or the items for sale in preparation for a sale?

We lightly clean the home in preparation for the sale. We have found that the customers will buy more and pay a higher price if the items and home are clean. If the home and items are dirty many will just leave in disgust without buying anything.

What do you do with the items not sold when the sale is over?

We provide you with a list of non-profit organizations that are looking for things to be donated to their charity. We also provide contact information for the removal of trash at the conclusion of the sale. We do not make the house ‘realtor ready’ by cleaning the carpets, windows, etc.

How soon do I get my money after the sale is over?

We will ‘settle up’ within 10 business days but we try to do this within a couple of days.

How much do you get for doing the sale and what other charges or fees are there?

Almost always we charge 35% of the gross sales and do not have any other fees or minimum charges. If we agree to a very small sale or there is an exceptionally large amount of preparation, cleaning, or moving of items, there may be an additional charge. You will be advised of any additional charges up front.

After you start getting the house and items ready for the sale and I see something that I want to take with me, can I do that?

When we have our interview at the home and look at the items to be included in the sale we decide if the condition and quantity of the items are sufficient for our company to invest our time and effort. If items are removed by anyone from the sale, we are unable to sell that item in the sale. You, family members and friends are welcome to attend the sale and make your purchases then. During the interview make sure you tell us what is not to be included in the sale.

Can I tell you what things should be priced at?

Information regarding special or unique items is always welcome, especially if you have the original receipt. The more information we have to help establish a higher asking price the better. Keep in mind that we will have an opportunity of only a couple of days to sell the items. Items in a traditional store will sit for months and months. Some of the customers will be looking for items for their personal use but others will be looking for items to resell in their stores. We have been told by many customers that we have fair prices for all. It’s great to have a high price on items but we also need to sell them.

Do you have a store or booth in an antique mall to put things that do not sell in?

No. We have no interest in what does not sell. Our primary goal is to sell as much as we can for the highest price as we can. We both win with this scenario. Most people do not want to have a sale drawn out for weeks and months to sell that last item. Most people just want to ‘move on’ when the sale is done.