Getting Started Checklist:


Many people ask “what should I do to get started in having a sale?”  The answer is very simple: “very little.”  The following are our recommendations:

  1. Don’t throw anything away.  Don’t throw anything away unless it truly is trash.  You would be surprised how many people buy the hair shampoo or conditioner bottles that are half full.  If you are uncertain, just ask us if it will sell.
  2. Remove all items that are not included in the sale.  Family members should physically remove all items that will not be included in the estate sale before you schedule an in-home visit by an estate sale company.  Estate sales are either accepted or not accepted based on the quantity and quality of the items at the home.
  3. Choose the right company.  You only get one shot at an estate sale.  Talk to several estate liquidators unless you are confident that the person you have chosen does the highest quality sales and has a spotless reputation.  Ask about their experience and their background and ask for recent references.  Ideally, visit at least one estate sale by the company you wish to hire.
  4. In-home evaluation.  After the removal of all items that won’t be sold, we will come to the home to do an in-site evaluation.  We will explain our selling techniques, displaying, discounting, types of payment accepted and when you can expect payment after the sale.  If items are removed from the sale after the in-home evaluation and the estate sale company understands that those removed items were to be included, the expected commission of those items should be included the company’s commission from the actual sales.  The company, most likely, agreed to accept the estate sale based on commissions of all the items viewed. 
  5. Set a date.  Set a date for the sale.  Sometimes dates must be changed so be flexible if possible.  We have found that holidays aren’t the best time for estate sales, so keep that in mind.
  6. Sign the contract.  Make sure you sign the contract and understand the entire process, and everything set forth in it.  The contract should protect you as well as the estate sale company.  Our company has a contract that is easy to read and spells out everything in detail.  Never use an estate sale company that doesn’t have a contract!
  7. Hand us the keys and let us go to work.  We are professional estate liquidators with years of experience.  This is where you can step back and watch the transformation.  We will clean, shine, stage, price and market your items on the sale.  If you have questions, be calm and upfront with concerns.  There can be some ‘bumps’ in the road, but with good communication, the problems can be easily solved.
  8. Set up and attending the sale.  We prefer that the client is absent from the home during the set up.  This makes it easier for our crew to get things done and work without distractions.  We have also found that it can be very emotional for family members to attend the sale.  Please plan another activity on the sale days.  You’ll be glad you did.
  9. Sale day.  Our sales are typically held on Friday and Saturday.  Sunday is reserved for final pickup of large items and our cleanup day.  Occasionally, items will need to be picked up at a later date.
  10. Work together.  A successful sale depends on the client and the Estate Liquidator working together.  In the end, you will be grateful that you hired us.  We will do the hard work and make sure everything goes to a good new home.
  11. After the sale.  Once the sale has ended, the client may choose to keep the leftover items, donate them or have us coordinate a ‘buy-out’ of all leftover items with companies that specialize in purchasing the leftovers.
  12. Cash the check.  After the sale totals have been tallied, you will receive your house key, a summary presentation and a check.  Once you receive your check, cash it and take a vacation….you deserve it!