I just wanted to send you a quick note congratulating you on another great sale. I’ve been to over a dozen of your sales and I still keep coming back. You’ve got fair pricing on the items for sale. Keep it up. The organizing, displaying and cleanliness of the sale items is consistent. Some sales I have gone to by others looks like they just shoved together a bunch of stuff and put price tags on some of the items. Everything in your sales are priced and I don’t have to keep asking how much it is. Looking forward to your next sale.
March 2020
Dear Dawn and Larry,

We wish to extend a really big ‘thank you’ to you both for your hard work on our estate sale. We went into this without knowing much about what an estate sale was all about. A friend at work had mentioned that you did a sale for her mother and that they were happy with the result so we called you. It was a very good decision that we did.
We really didn’t realize that some of the older toy cars we had were worth as much as you sold them for. The total sales ended up being more than we were expecting. That was really good news. The few things that didn’t sell were removed from the house when the sale was over and when you left the house was vacuumed and ready for our realtor to show. We are very impressed with the entire process.

Again, thank you for the job you did.
Gary and Shirleen M.
April 2020

Another great sale. I still keep coming back to your sales. It was setup, displayed and priced very well. The photography of things on the sale put on EstateSales.NET are exceptional. When I enlarge the photos on my computer I can really see the details. That makes me want to go to your sales first. I’m usually one of the first in line on opening day. In other estate sales I have noticed some things are over-priced. I wonder if they are trying to not sell those things so they can take it home with them and put it in their store when the sale is over! Maybe I shouldn’t have told you that you have reasonable prices but then if it doesn’t sell you don’t make your commission.
January 2020
Larry and Dawn,

Good job on our estate sale last week. You took care of everything for my sisters and I. After my mother passed, we were overwhelmed with everything. We didn’t know what to do. When we met at my mother’s condo and I showed you around, I felt very comfortable with you both in handling all my mother’s possessions. I had interviewed several other estate sale companies but I was impressed with you both. You are a true blessing for us. The setup and the sale itself went just as you said it would. You even found a plaque that my father had received from the Governor many years before and returned it to us. It is priceless to us. Many thanks for the entire job performed by you and your crew.
Jolene L.
October 2019