Here’s what we do:


Organization.  Before a sale we bring in an experienced team to organize, clean and shine every item in the sale. We will create a beautiful and comprehensive display of all items to be sold.  If, during our staging process, we find items that appear to be of sentimental or be of potentially high value that weren’t previously mentioned, we will consult with you and get your permission before the sale to sell those items.  All available tables, shelves and storage areas will be utilized and additional tables will be provided for display purposes.

Pricing.  We will appraise all sale items and prices will be marked with materials that we provide.  For items of potential value that are not within our area of expertise, we may choose to engage an outside appraiser at our expense.  Our client’s input regarding the value or valuable information that may help the marketability of specific items is always considered.  Our goal in pricing is to have a low enough price to promote a sale of the items and a high enough price to ensure a reasonable profit for the client and Memories Recycled.  If an item is priced to high it won’t sell and everybody looses.

Advertising.  We will advertise on our website via our large database of names and emails of people who have signed up to be on our email list.  Descriptions and photos are included on the website.  We will also advertise on EstateSales.NET as well as additional media.

Conduct of the Sale.  We will conduct the sale in a professional and efficient manner with two main objectives:  to sell every available item and to maximize the proceeds for our clients.  To assist with the sale, we will hire as many individuals as are necessary from our pool of seasoned, honest, experienced and reliable professionals. 

Payment.  During the estate sale, Memories Recycled Estate Sales accepts all major credit cards and cash.  Any credit card fees will be charged to the customer.  The client will receive payment within a few days of the conclusion of the sale.

Disposal of Unsold Items.  While we find that most clients prefer to go through the unsold items after a sale, we will gladly suggest names of charities that will pick up the unsold items.

If you’re looking for an experienced West Michigan estate sale company with excellent service, give Tana a call at (616) 717-8312